Blogging from the past (plus photos!)

I wrote the below post on Monday night, then–for some reason–never uploaded it. I have much more to catch you all up on, but that’ll have to wait for more photo uploading and recovery of my sanity after the past 48 hours of travel. Please use the below as a preview and come back soon for more. I promise that the story of our first full family trip to Dunsmuir will entertain, especially if you enjoy wild adventures in plumbing.


Tim is up at the Mountain House right now. I am at home with the kids. Staying home is killing me, especially since he called to say that there’s the perfect amount of clean, fluffy snow on the ground–not too much, not too little.

He went to prepare for a trip we’re taking later in the week and is “camping” with no heat and no water. By the time he leaves, the house should have both–or at least appointments for de-winterizing and kerosene delivery. My hero.

Who wants to go disking down that back yard and off the retaining wall? Come on. No one needs an intact tailbone.

And here’s an entire slideshow:

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