I may have mentioned that the closing process for this house has been nutty. It’s been 45 days now, more or less… I think. Regardless, we closed today. Really. For reals. We now officially own our small house in Dunsmuir.

house with sold sign

Can you believe it?

Elated as we are, we many now have some version of Stockholm Syndrome in which we both gaze fondly at our inboxes, longing for the captive embrace of some new bank-originated form that WE MUST BOTH SIGN AN HOUR AGO.

I’ve got to hand it to Fremont Bank and Chicago Title: they kept things interesting with our car-loan-sized home loan. Funding got so crazy on Friday the we found ourselves frantically texting back and forth while I stood at a local Wells Fargo counter waiting for the final amount for our downpayment. With the notary public due at our house in fifteen minutes, Tim finally got the dollar amount from the title company.

And now…

Actually, I’m not sure. With Thanksgiving around the corner and an all-weekend soccer tournament for Miles this weekend, we won’t be able to make the drive north for another couple of weeks. The delay hurts–I’ve got measuring to do! Curtains to sew! Those paint chips aren’t going to analyze themselves!–but at least we have some time to research basic amenities.

For instance, it turns out that there’s no cable TV in Dunsmuir. God help us if we can’t get DSL.

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