I should have known better than to attempt a post every day for a month. No month goes by in life–my life or anyone else’s–without some day of sickness or travel or calamity major enough to make me forget my best-laid plans. Some saintly people appear to have the wherewithal to blog daily (or exercise or pray or diligently walk their dogs) but after 34 years, I still haven’t mastered persistence. If you know the secret persistence recipe, please share.

So I missed a couple of days, including yesterday, when I got up after three hours of sleep to travel home from New York and stayed awake for the following 21 hours, then collapsed in bed at 8:30 p.m. and slept for the next 12 hours. The trip–pleasure, not business–was worth it. But this blog suffered.

* * *

Not that I have much to write about. Our Realtor had high hopes that we’d close this Friday, but this loan process refuses to die. This is the worst time we’ve had closing a loan–worse than our first home purchase, when we knew nothing, and worse than the time we refinanced and rolled in a huge home equity account to pay for a remodel.

Turns out, the bank found some tiny line on an old tax statement about a loss Tim filed two years ago, the cost of paying to set up the LLC that is now his job. That missing tax schedule–documenting all of $150–somehow went missing from the return we sent to the mortgage broker’s assistant (our broker is out of town). Our tax accountant needs to supply the form, but he’s on vacation and unreachable until three days after we’re due to close. Good grief, it’s all so boring and silly. I should laugh, except that we get charged $150 a day for every day we extend the contract past closing–pricey humor indeed.

Are you bored yet? I am. So I think I’ll go to bed now and hope that by tomorrow morning, Fremont Bank no longer cares about $150 of two-year-old financial expenses. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of a bathroom, also boring. Seemed appropriate somehow:

bathroom 1

Look! The master bath! It's beige!

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