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A chair full of bowlies

For the past couple of months, I’ve been taking a ceramics class at the Berkeley Potters’ Studio. Now, if you’re thinking, “Wow, what a perfectly hippie, Berkeley, middle-aged lady thing to do,” I have something to tell you: You’re totally … Continue reading

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I may have mentioned that the closing process for this house has been nutty. It’s been 45 days now, more or less… I think. Regardless, we closed today. Really. For reals. We now officially own our small house in Dunsmuir. … Continue reading

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How to find an affordable vacation house in California

… or A Zillow Obsession Pays Off A few friends have asked us how we picked Dunsmuir, a town remote enough from the Bay Area that pretty much no one here has heard of it. A few others have asked … Continue reading

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I should have known better than to attempt a post every day for a month. No month goes by in life–my life or anyone else’s–without some day of sickness or travel or calamity major enough to make me forget my … Continue reading

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Finally, (grainy, crappy) photos

We took exactly zero photos of the mountain house when we looked it it oh-so-many months ago. So imagine our joy upon unearthing some small, grainy images at the end of our appraisal report. Embedded in a PDF, the shots … Continue reading

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Greener “grass”

One perplexing aspect of home ownership at 2,350 feet is gardening. Only after about 10 years do I feel like I understand what grows at home at sea level in Berkeley (the answer: pretty much everything). But–and hold onto your … Continue reading

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OK, I pledged that I would post to this blog every day in November. It’s the third day now, and ten to midnight, and I’ve been having a tiny dinner party. So here’s my post for today: I pledge, here … Continue reading

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