Wallpapering nooks (in my mind)

First things first: Today, two days before our original close date (Friday), we got our appraisal for the loan. Holy Mother of Bureaucracy, that took forever. Good news indeed comes to those who wait, though: The property appraised over the contract value. In other words, say we ended end up dead broke tomorrow due to unforeseen circumstances (knock on wood, etc.), we could theoretically sell the mountain house at a profit. We’d even make enough to buy a few bags of groceries.

And! And! The bank has already weatherized the house. No frozen pipes until we screw them up ourselves.

* * *

Enough practicality. Let’s keep focused on my long-distance relationship.

If I close my eyes and transport myself back to the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, I think I can remember what the dining room looks like. It is small–nookish, even–just an afterthought hanging off the back of the 1936 kitchen. A single chandelier of the Home Depot faux-brass variety hangs above. As in the rest of the house, walls are beige. But here we have a tiny variation: Wainscoting!

I suspect (and hope to be proven wrong) that the wainscoting is of the 1990s-plywood variety. But the white panels break up the beige and might nicely offset an application of my favorite new obsession: wallpaper. My childhood home features a lot of wallpaper, which I have always found quaint in that oh-look-what-was-fashionable-in-the-early-80s way. (Plaid! Ladybugs!) But now that design blogs everywhere are featuring wildly gorgeous wallpaper, I’m tempted to turn back time. Plus, I’m a sucker for color on walls.

For the entire kitchen/dining area, I’m aiming for a whimsical take on the early-midcentury kitchen. Like this, but new. In a fit of epic gun-jumping, I purchased a few Finnish plates (iittala Satumetsä Salad Plate) right after we put in our offer. They have a fun, woodland vibe that I want to extend, but not too literally:
Satumetsa Salad Plate
So without further ado: the wallpapers. Linked from Design*Sponge and manufactured by Norrköpings Tapetfabrik, this Swedish paper’s 1940s origins nod to our bungalow’s modest roots and would give the kids hours of hunting for visual treasures while they eat morning vacation pancakes:

Wallpaper Paradise

What a cheerful theme for the happiest room in the house.

Or maybe something bolder:

Romo Kimura

The unusual color here ("saffron") would keep the room bright.

This Osborne and Little “Howletts” wallpaper, another vintage print, marries orange and green in a combination I always fall for:

Osborne and Little Howletts

Will the birds meme look dated in five years?

What do you think? Are you going to tell me that I’m crazy and will spend my dotage scraping and steaming to get this mess off the walls? Take the poll below or leave me a comment.

P.S. Go Giants!

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