In need of WD-40

If only a little spray grease could help us grease this deal’s wheels.

Sometime between when we bought our first house and put in the offer on our second, financing rules changed. (You may have heard about these changes–perhaps in the news, on the radio, or tattooed on the foreheads of all local, state, and federal politicians.) Post mortgage crisis, the Feds imposed some much-needed legal framework intended to ensure ethical loan writing. And while these rules will probably prevent future collapse of poorly packaged mortgage assets and whatnot, they are also a giant pain in our asses.

For instance: Loan agents and Realtors may no longer assign appraisers. Banks now assign appraisals to third-party appraisers, and because these appraisers don’t work for anyone truly connected to the sale, the Realtors and loan agents can’t pressure them to do their jobs in a timely fashion. This is how we ended up asking for an extension on our contract for this house, which–sniff–we were due to close on this Friday. But the appraisal still hasn’t happened (although we’ve heard some rumor that the blessed event will occur tomorrow).

freeze warning

Oh, crap.

At this point, we’re staring down the barrel of a mid-November close. Temperatures in Dunsmuir yesterday reached a high of 41, and as much as I love hearing Tim’s constant, low-level muttering about frozen pipes not yet ours to lovingly blanket in foam insulation, I wouldn’t mind another topic of conversation.

P.S. Apologies for the distinct lack of photographic of our future (!?) house. We saw the place in such a hurry, we forgot to take snapshots. If this appraiser hops to and it all works out as planned, I’ll have a complete photo tour by Thanksgiving. In the meantime, please accept an offering of this aerial view of Dunsmuir. Isn’t it cute and fuzzy and green?

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